Bright Head Games Studio

Our Team

Edward Mc Elroy (Artist)

Background: Industrial Design

Work: Red Wind Software, Bit Smith

Competitions: Dare to be digital (Ireland Semi Finals) Global Game Jam.


Mariano Di Murro (Game Designer/Programmer)

Background: Game Developer

Work: Game Master Functionality and Beta Tester 2007-2011

Competitions: Ireland Gamecraft Competition: 2012 Winner, Global Game Jam 2011&2012, Dare to Digital 2012, Microsoft XNA Programming Ireland Winner 2009.


Zafer Balbous (Head Programmer)

Background: Programming

Work: ServiceSource Data Analyst (2007-present)

Competitions: Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 Ireland qualifications runner up, Ireland Gamecraft Competition 2012 winner, Global Game Jam 2011 & 2012.


Mohammed Osman (Intern Artist/Animator)

Background: Art and Animation

Education: Animation in Institute of Art Deign and Technology